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Do you suffer from Cybersecurity Anxiety?

In this new age of digital transformation. We have all become more dependent on online tolls and services. This rapid pace of technological innovation unlocks cyber risks, and businesses need to be prepared to take action to mitigate risks.

 There are 5 steps to reduce exposure to cyber-attacks.

  1. Be prepared for an attack.
    • Make sure that you have the technical resources to detect, contain and respond to an attack.
    • Check that you have offline daily backups of data applications.
    • Prepare an “Incident Response Plan”, which identifies what steps to take in the event of a cyberattack: who to contact and what procedures to follow.
  1. Perform a security assessment to evaluate, detect, respond, and recover.
  1. Conduct awareness training and phishing simulations for all employees on identifying malicious emails and phishing attacks. The attack methods look very realistic and employees need to practice identifying malicious emails and need to know what action to take.
  1. Review Cybersecurity insurance coverage. Being aware that many standard insurance plans generally do not provide full coverage.
  1. Ensure that all your application updates are installed.

The benefits of cybersecurity assessment are that you will identify your vulnerabilities, and the implications of the exposures will also be clarified.

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See CPA Canada: Cybersecurity and data protection – Prepare, detect, notify and report

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