Cyber Security Health Check Quiz

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With the increasing number of cyber attacks and data breaches affecting companies, there are more demands on organizations to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data and systems. 



1.   Is your organization prepared to experience a data breach? YES |     | NO |

2. Have you identified a properly trained person to serve as your Chief Information Security Officer?   | YES |     | NO |

3. Has your organization secured cyber risk/data insurance suitable for your needs?   YES |     | NO |

4. Have you conducted awareness training that included Phishing prevention?   | YES |     | NO |

5. Are your employees/IT team prepared to identify/respond to potential cyber theft, breaches, and malware?   YES |     | NO |

6.  Are you aware of what weaknesses exist on your company website and how hackers can exploit them?   | YES |     | NO |

7.  Do you feel you recovered appropriately from business disruption due to IT issues?   | YES |     | NO |

8.  Are you in full compliance with newly enacted data protection regulations?   | YES |     | NO |

9.   Does your Board of Directors/CEO ask about cybersecurity? | YES |     | NO |




We share our clients’ vision to minimize risks, avoid pitfalls, implement best practices and ensure stability. One of UHY Advisors’ cybersecurity experts can schedule 30 minutes to further define the scope of services needed.


We are here to give you support. For more information please contact us. 



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