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Assistance with business, tax and accounting issues.

Globalization and international expansion are continuously creating new business opportunities on both sides of the US-Canada border. However, expansion across the border raises many challenges brought about by dealing with two different tax and legal systems. Even the best businesses can falter during expansion due to the legal, tax and business pitfalls.

UHY Victor, through the UHY Canada/US Tax Team (CUTT), can advise your business on how to maximize its potential and success as it ventures across the world’s longest border. UHY Victor can assist your business to:

  • Buy or sell a business on either side of the border  
  • Develop local business & banking contacts
  • Select the ideal operating structure (branch, corporation, LLC, ULC, etc.)
  • Select the best location from which to operate
  • Structure the right mix of debt and equity financing
  • Comply with Federal, State & Provincial tax laws
  • Maintain books and records in accordance with local laws and regulations
  • Benefit from available corporate tax incentives and government assistance
  • Establish an effective Canada US transfer pricing policy
  • Plan to minimize taxes
  • Ultimately repatriate the profits back to the parent company
  • Regulation 105 issues

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