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The need for Canadian US tax services

UHY Victor has a team of experienced US tax specialists based in Montreal who can offer multiple services to both individuals and corporations. We can guide you through a wide range of services, including: 

  • Buy or sell a business on either side of the border
  • Develop local business & banking contacts
  • Select the ideal operating structure (branch, corporation, LLC, ULC, etc.)
  • Select the best location from which to operate
  • Structure the right mix of debt and equity financing
  • Comply with Federal, State & Provincial tax laws
  • Maintain books and records in accordance with local laws and regulations
  • Benefit from available corporate tax incentives and government assistance
  • Establish an effective Canada US transfer pricing policy
  • Plan to minimize taxes
  • Ultimately repatriate the profits back to the parent company
  • Regulation 105 issues


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Click here for information regarding withholding taxes for Americans providing services in Canada


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