Federal Tax Payments (CRA)

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How can you make a payment to the CRA?

There are multiple ways to make a payment:


i) The CRA’s payment service:

At your Canadian financial institution:

      • You can pay electronically through your financial institution’s internet banking services.
      • by electronic transmission, using personal pre-authorized debit.


To do so, you have to use:

Please note: when making online payments, these may be considered paid by the CRA on the same or next business day. Depending on the method used, it can take up to at least five business days to be recorded.


ii) Sending a check or money order with a remittance form or Form T7DR(A).

      • check or money order payable to the Receiver General for Canada and write your social insurance number and the taxation year on the back of the check.
      • attach your check or money order to the T7DR(A) form and send it to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).

Please note: in-person payments are considered paid as of the date stamped.


iii) Pay in person:

      • at your financial institution (Cheque or debit).
      • Canada Post through debit or cash.

Please note: when making in-person payments, these are considered paid as of the date stamped.


What we recommend to avoid paying interest:

      • To avoid interest and penalty charges, the personal income tax payment must be made by April 30.



For more information on how to make payments to the CRAClick here


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